Asset Management

Asset Tracking

A vehicle, trailer, container or cargo that is not monitored constantly becomes vulnerable to theft, trespassing or damage. But if it can deliver status updates to you remotely, you are assured that your assets are safe at all times.

With the On Track GPS system, you can create a geofence (virtual fence) around a parked trailer or container. If it is moved out of the geofence, you are automatically notified of its status and location helping you track and recover the your asset.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring is of high important for companies stocking or transporting temperature sensitive goods. Using the On Track GPS Software, you can monitor refrigerated/freezer environments and freezer trucks, which will help minimise damage to perishable or frozen goods. This feature provides real-time temperature levels and can notify you instantly if there is a failure with the cooling system.  If there is a blackout and the backup generator fails to start, it can send system alerts to the user informing them of the issue before it is too late to prevent damage to the frozen goods.