On Track GPS Software

The On Track GPS Software platform provides you with the power to monitor and control your assets through a web browser. It features automatic tracking, on demand reporting and historic data available from any computer with access to the Internet. No software installation is needed.

Real-time Information

With our system it is possible to view multiple vehicles in real-time by displaying them on a map with information such as current position, speed and if the engine is operating. Important signals and alerts from your vehicles can also be displayed in real time. The live view ensures that your vehicles are used according to company policy.

Notifications and alerts

For mobile device users the On Track GPS system can be configured to send alerts over email or SMS. These notifications are customisable  for important events that require your immediate attention, such as SOS, theft, speeding, excessive idling, after hours use or entering a restricted area.

Maintenance Reminders

For large vehicle fleets, keeping your vehicles mechanically reliable and road-worthy can't get any easier. With the On Track GPS system you can set Email reminders for when a vehicle is due for service and when the Registration or Safety Sticker is due for renewal.


Reports are important for managers to help analyse and improve their business. A wide range of reports are available that can be presented directly in a web browser or scheduled to be automatically sent via email. 

You can view how many Kilometers your vehicles traveled, its engine operating hours, if it exceeded the company speed limits, what stores they visited, and much more!

Key Features:

  • Real-time automatic vehicle location
  • Detailed mapping via Google Maps, Google Earth or Open Street Maps
  • Real-time engine status
  • Automatic data collection such as trip time, trip distance, parking time, arrival and departure time
  • Real-time alerts via email or SMS such as:
    • speeding
    • unauthorised vehicle use after business hours
    • excessive engine idling
    • restricted sites
  • Trip replay including trip activity, speed, direction and location
  • Detailed graphs for analysing data
  • Geofencing with automatic alerts and reports in specific areas
  • Maintenance Reminders via email when a vehicle is due for service or Registration is due for renewal
  • Heavy Impact alert in the event of a traffic accident
  • Display who is driving the vehicle and record driver activity with the Driver ID feature (optional)
  • Receive alerts if a driver requires emergency assistance such as a breakdown - must be fitted with Duress button (optional)
  • View the real-time temperature inside the engine bay or inside a freezer truck - requires Temperature Monitoring (optional)
  • Fuel level monitoring (optional)
  • Customisable POI (Point of Interest) feature
  • On demand reporting available at any time in various formats
  • Scheduled and/or automatic reporting at any time
  • Compatible with third party software for further data analysis