Vehicle Tracking


The On Track GPS system uses satellite positioning and mobile communications so you can see in real time where all your vehicles are and communicate easily with drivers (2-way communication optional). It can also be used for security purposes, where in the event that the vehicle is stolen or hi-jacked the engine can be shut-down remotely, allowing you to get away safely before retrieving your vehicle.

At the office, you, your drivers, dispatchers or other staff can view landmarks and geofences using Google map integration and any standard web browser.

Real-time vehicle tracking can be used in many ways, how you use it is up to you:

  • Check vehicle usage (starts/stops, engine idling, unauthorised usage, vehicle usage after curfew, etc)
  • Assure customers with the exact time a delivery or service truck will arrive
  • Check vehicle condition (light and heavy-duty truck engine diagnostics)
  • Know how well vehicles are utilised.
  • Prevent fuel theft